I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such talented students.

Master Graduate Students

  • Runyu Xiao (2023.08-Present)
  • Peiqi Yang (2022.09-Present, Co-supervised with Prof. Hanli Wang)
  • Yang Zhang (2022.09-Present, Co-supervised with Prof. Hanli Wang)

Undergraduate Students

  • Xinyue Li (2023.09-Present)
  • Juncheng Wu (2022.10-Present)
  • Zian Wang (2022.10-Present)
  • Tian Qin (2022.10-Present)
  • Zhengxiao He (2022.10-Present)
  • Kerui Ren (2022.10-Present)


  • Xingjian Hu (B.S., 2022.11-2023.06), First Employment: Technical Artist Engineer, Kuaishou, Hangzhou.
  • Haotian Yin (B.S., 2022.11-2023.06), First Employment: Master Student, Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.
  • Menglin Han (B.S., 2022.11-2023.06)